Our approach

We help businesses to grow and take care of their personnel needs.

Our approach

We help businesses to grow and take care of their personnel needs.

by ILC

Finding the right people

Finding the right people is about more than skills. People’s attitudes, habits and personal outlook can matter as much as their ability to do a job competently.

For every company every employee is a signal to the community about how the business is doing. ILC understands this. So we provide you with a variety of people with different personalities and different outlooks. We ensure a large pool of candidates. We do this in several ways, including working directly with technical and trade schools in many countries.

Best practices

Moreover, we look for the ways to implement the best practices in our sector and to remain a leader in international recruitment services for trade job opportunities.

We don’t stop here, we offer number of internship programmes for students in agriculture sector in Europe, long-term and short-term employment programs, as well as assistance for families’ relocations to new countries for working and living.

An extra mile

We always go an extra mile while providing services for our clients. Our approach toward social responsibility, ethics motivates us to take leading positions and deliver the best services to our clients.

Opening potential

At ILC, we help companies to discover different employment solutions. We help businesses to work to its full potential and to grow. Whether it’s few candidates or thousands, we can implement projects of any scale.

We care

We are focused on building long-term relationships with our partners and clients. We support an employer and a candidate during all the way of employment, settlement and integration.