Tips for Successful Hiring

by ILC

Tips for Successful Hiring

by ILC

by ILC

The best gift that you can give to your competitors is to make wrong decisions about your hiring. Company’s success depends on the people. No matter how brilliant your business plans may be, if you don’t have the right people to implement them. Our customers understand the importance of hiring the right personnel, and often come to us with such request. Here are some tips that we are ready to share with you.

Create a profile

Make sure that you have detail profile of the employee that you are looking for. At this stage we recommend to spend a little bit more time and work out every detail of your ideal candidate. Which tasks he/she has to fulfil? Which results to achieve? What are the requirements? Which personality the candidate should have, to become a successful member of your team?

Only after you are done with profile, create a job announcement that may interest your ideal employees, and post it where they may see it.

Write down your criteria

Prepare the list of criteria to assess your candidates. Write down candidate’s information during your interviews or shortly after. This will help you to remember all information about every candidate. It will make it easy for you to compare candidates’ information and will reduce your interview time.

However, make sure that you follow your plan. Do not rely on your believe that you will remember all information about every candidate or that some of your criteria are not important. Watch out that this can lead to disappointment with your candidate in the future.

Hire the right people from the beginning

Some of the employers believe that any candidate can be a good worker when there is a good manager. Our clients surely are. But this does not always work this way. And it does not depend on a manager. If person is not attentive, slow or does not have any leader’s skills, even very successful manager will not be able to change it. The easier and more effective way is to spend a little bit more time, or to ask professional help and to hire the right person from the beginning.

Consider personality

We always recommend our customers to consider personality when hiring. The set of personal characteristics shows what candidate likes and does naturally, and what is the obstacle. Knowledge of personality will also help you to supervise your employee at work. Often candidates who come to interview are not fully aware of their responsibilities and duties at work, and cannot know better than you if they fit your position. It’s responsibility of the employer to make the right decision.

Hiring personnel is always an interaction with people. To be successful in hiring you need to understand people, see what motivates them when making decisions and what prevents them from using their potential at work. Learn people, and hire the best ones to work in your company.

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